Tuesday, December 11, 2007

end of the year

Bea and I just finished the last leg of the year.....With stops at Cocoa beach and Palm Harbor. This year we took a pass on the Craft at the Castle in Boston and opted to travel south and take advantage of our new south Ga. coast house on the banks of the Sapplo river.
The show at Cocoa was a easy set up even tho there was a booth in between us. turns out it was Billy Kidd.
We had great weather and the crowds were out. Both Bea and I and Billy got picked up for judging.
After dinner Bea could not help her self and was peaking the window of the judging room.
Sunday morning and the awards are out Bea got third in glass, Billy was first place in clay, and i placed first in wood. Best in show was Jin Song.
The rest of sunday was spent coughing from the red tide alge bloom.

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Alex said...

I'm trying to find a way to contact you, as I'm looking for a jewelry box. Do you have an email address?